Board of Directors

Evelyn Brown, Board President
Retired, Detroit Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

David Graham, Board Treasurer
Wealth Advisor, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

Craig Erzen, Vice President of Strategic Planning & Development
Senior Purchasing Program Manager, Ford Motor Company

Mark Schrupp, Esq., Board Secretary
Chief Executive Officer, Schrupp Consulting, Inc.

Clyde Lewers, Board Development
Retired, Detroit Public Schools

Brad Dick
Director, General Service Department, City of Detroit

Robert LaBelle
Attorney, Williams, Williams, Rattner & Plunket

Roderick Rickman
Chairman and CEO, Rickman Enterprise Group

Portia Roberson
Ethics and Civil Rights Department, Group Executive

Andre L. Spivey
City Council Member, City of Detroit

Vaughn Tolliver
UAW International Rep., United Auto Workers (UAW)

Reverend Gary Dawes
Retired Pastor

Eric Hanna
President & CEO, Michigan Community Capital

Donna Stallings
Chief Care & Public Affairs Officer, Walker-Miller Energy Services


Habitat for Humanity Detroit Executive Leadership

Kenneth V. Cockrel, Jr.


Kenneth V. Cockrel Jr. is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Detroit and also resides in the City of Detroit. Previously, Ken served…

Caleb Rutledge

313-521-6691 ext. 103

Caleb Rutledge oversees the daily operations of Habitat for Humanity Detroit. Caleb manages the volunteer, community outreach, family services and Habitat Urban…

Keith Koppmeier

313-521-6691 ext 129

Keith Koppmeier is the Director of Fund Development & Marketing at Habitat for Humanity Detroit. Keith oversees all aspects…