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Habitat for Humanity Detroit is proud of achieving two major construction designations for all houses built in 2008, and continuing forward with all houses constructed. Based on adherence to stringent construction practices ranging from reducing air infiltration in all our adjoining exterior surfaces to using energy-heeled roof trusses and insulation R-ratings in excess of the code requirements, our homes are inspected and tested by a certified Home Environment Rater and all have received an Energy Star Rating.

In addition, we have adopted “green” building processes to ensure that our construction methods minimally impact our environment. Due to this process, we have received Michigan Green Built certification on all the houses built since 2008. We will continue to build energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future.

These practices have been implemented to ensure that we are friendly to our environment and provide quality-built homes that are economically responsible to operate and maintain for the homeowners.

We are currently building 3 and 4 bedroom ranches and 3-bedroom, 2-story homes in the Morning Side Commons neighborhood located on the east side of Detroit. The boundaries of this 16-block area are Alter Rd. to Barham and E. Warren to Mack Ave.

To view a photograph of each home and learn about the energy-conserving features of these homes, click on the applicable link.